Dr. Monica Edwards
Professor of Sociology


Office: J149
Phone: 847-925-6814

Email: medwards@harpercollege.edu


Dr. Monica Edwards is an Professor of Sociology at Harper College.  She received her M.S. in Sociology from Illinois State University and her PhD in Sociology from Loyola University Chicago.  Dr. Edwards has been at Harper College since 2010, and has been teaching Sociology since 2000.

Monica’s areas of sociological interest include:  critical and compassionate pedagogies, food systems, the sociology of the climate crisis, gender, sexuality, intersectionality theory, and social inequalities. Monica's dissertation focused on how popular culture is used as a tool/resource in negotiating relationships across sexual difference.


Edwards, M., & Grippe, A. (2019). Assimilation in Suburbia? Geographical and Cultural Barriers to Working With LGBTQ+ Students in Suburban Community Colleges. New Directions for Community Colleges2019(188), 29-41.

Edwards, Monica. "Left Behind By the Alter: Why Queers and Sociologists Need Materialist Feminism." Socialist Studies 11.1 (2016).

Edwards, Monica. "Transconversations: New media, community, and identity." LGBT identity and online new media (159-172). New York: Routledge (2010).


At Harper College Dr. Edwards regularly teaches (click on each link below for sample syllabus):

Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101): This class is taught through the lens of food and environmental sustainability.

Family in Contemporary Society (SOC 120): in person and on-line: This class is taught through the lens of intersectionality (race/class/gender) and the household division of labor within historical context.

Sex and Gender (SOC 230): in person and on-line (summer term only): This class is grounded in multiple theoretical perspectives--feminist, Marxist, social constructionists, and symbolic interactionism.