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On-line Accessibily

Project Overview

The overall objective of this Real World Learning Object (RWLO) is to familiarize designers of educational Web sites to challenges that are frequently encountered by on-line learners who have disabilities.

This RWLO will endeavor to accomplish its overall objective by focusing on one small portion of the many efforts that are now in place in order to make educational and learning web sites accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Specifically, this RWLO will do the following:

  1. Provide a general overview of disabilities that must be considered when designing on-line learning materials.

  2. Offer a brief overview of US laws that guarantee accessibility to on-line learners who have disabilities.

  3. Introduce the learner to an on-line validator that will automatically check to ensure that a web site is Section 508 and W3C compliant.

  4. Provide a list of on-line resources pertaining to accessibility and on-line learning.

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