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Distinguished Chair for Teaching Excellence in the Academy for Teaching Excellence;
Professor of English and Humanities

Office: L330

Phone: 847-925-6480


Courses Taught:

English 101: Composition

English 101 Special Section: Pathways to Peace: Nonviolence and Social Activism

English 101 and Philosophy 115: Give Peace a Chance (Learning Community)

English 102: Composition/Introduction to Literature/Writing the Research Paper

English 102 Special Sections: Literature of the Holocaust; War: What is it Good For?

English 102 & History 142: Literature and History of the Holocaust (Learning Community)

Lit 112 & History 112: Illusions and Illuminations: American Perceptions of the Holocaust (Learning Community).

Lit 115: Fiction

Lit 206: World Literature to 1800

Lit 207: World Literature Since 1800

Lit 221: American Literature, Colonial Days to Civil War

Lit 222: American Literature, Civil War to the Present

Hum 102: Western Civilization, Renaissance to the Present

Hum 105: Great Ideas of World Civilizations

HUM 110: Women and Creativity

Hum 115: International and Regional Studies in Humanities: Americans Abroad Encounter the City of Light (summer course for Harper students in Paris, France)

Independent Studies Co-Designed with Students:

Literature and Civil Rights

American Literary Realism, Naturalism, and Modernism

Introduction to Literary Theory

Writing Non-Fiction Narratives

Individual and Group Identity in the Literature of Baseball


PhD, English, University of California, Los Angeles, 1993

  • Major field of concentration: Nineteenth-Century Literature; the novel.
  • Dissertation topic: "Dostoevsky, Melville and the Conventions of the Novel: Fictional Alliances." Explores the ways in which both Dostoevsky and Melville undermined conventions common to the novel throughout the nineteenth century; demonstrates the ways they transformed the novel and prefigured Modernism.

MA, English, University of California, Los Angeles, 1988

BA, English, University of California, Los Angeles, 1983

  • (Junior Year Abroad, English, University of York, England, 1981-82)


Herman Melville

American Literature

19th and 20th century Russian prose fiction

Literature of the Holocaust

Literature of peace and non-violence

Literature and Human Rights

The ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas

Sabbatical Project:

I spent my sabbatical in Spring 2011 at The Centre for Applied Human Rights at The University of York in England. I took courses in “Asylum, Trafficking, and Human Migration” and “Truth, Justice, and Reparations.” I worked on developing a course linking literature with human rights, and taught a pilot version of the course to a mix of graduate students and faculty from the Centre and from the Department of English and Related Literatures. For information about the Centre, please go to I would be delighted to discuss my experience with anyone who is interested.  



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Conference Presentations:

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Editor of Charles S. Lauer's Reach for the Stars (Walla Walla, WA: CCI Books, 1998)