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Office: L332

Phone: 847-925-6326


Courses Taught:

Eng 101 English Composition

Eng 102 English Composition

Lit 232, British Literature 1800-1914

Lit 210, Introduction to Shakespeare

Lit 224, Women's Literature

Literature and Madness


Doctorate in English, University of Iowa, awarded 2002

  • Dissertation: The Writing Cure: Women, Poetry, and Madness, 1880-1940
  • Director: Florence Boos, Ph.D.

Master of Arts in English, awarded May 2000

Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish, Kalamazoo College, Michigan, awarded 1996

  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Departmental Honors in English
  • Phi Beta Kappa


The Division of Standards.  Finishing Line Press.  2012.

“Approach and Read.”  A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.  Winter 2012.

“At the Small Table” and “Office Hours.”  Red River Review.  November 2011.

“Colossal” and “Starring as Vigilante.”  In Posse Review.  June 2011.

“History of Widowing.”  Driftwood. Winter 2011.

“Infant Crying.”  Third Wednesday.  Winter 2010/2011

“The Prison Tourist.”  Calliope Nerve. June 2010.

“The Old Story.”  The Catalonian Review VI.  2010.

Knocked Around. Pudding House Chapbook Series.  2008.

“The Weekend Away.” artisan: a journal of craft.  2008.

"Ataraxis."  Garfield Lake Review. 2008.

“The Cenotaph.”  Entry in Companion to Twentieth Century British Literature.
        Facts on File, 2008.

“Madeleine in Church.”  Entry in Companion to Twentieth Century British Literature. 
        Facts on File, 2008.

“The Trees are Down.”  Entry in Companion to Twentieth Century British Literature. 
        Facts on File, 2008.

"The Last Cup of Coffee Before the End of the World."  Listening Eye.  2007.

"Shore."  Driftwood.  Spring 2006.

“On Failed Journals.”  The Furnace Review.  Spring 2006.

“Stevie Smith: Girl, Interrupted.”  Papers on Language and Literature.  40.1 (2004): 57-87.

“‘The strangest pain to bear’: Corporeality and Fear of Insanity in Charlotte Mew’s Poetry.” Victorian Poetry.  40.3 (Fall 2002): 217-240. 

“May to September.”  Blood and Fire Review.  Spring 2001.

Review of Jane Austen: A Life by David Nokes.  Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 17 (1998): 149-50.

“Sisters.”  Mobius.  7:2 (Fall/Winter 1993): 37.

“Shifting.”  The New Press Literary Quarterly.  9:4 (Fall 1993): 11.


Third Wednesday Poetry Competition winner, 2011

Rita Canning Women’s Program Domestic Violence Faculty Fellow, 2011

Abbie M. Copps Poetry Competition, First Place, 2007

Multicultural Faculty Fellowship.  Harper College.  2004

Edwin Ford Piper Memorial Scholar.  University of Iowa.  2001-2.

Conferences and Readings

A Famous Hunt: Class, Race, and Gender Wars in Amy Levy’s “Run to Death.”  Midwest
Modern Language Association.  St. Louis.  2011

“Finding Your Muse.”  Panelist.  Harper College.  2011

Keynote speaker.  Harper College High School Writers Contest Luncheon.  2011

Featured Writer.  Harper College Creative Writing Club Open Mic.  2009

Reading from Knocked Around.  Harper College.  2009

Reading from Knocked Around.  Ludington Center for the Arts.  2009

“Border Patrol.”  Midwest Modern Language Association Conference.  2006

“Una Marson: Between Voices.”  Seventh Annual Women and Creativity Conference. Marquette University.  2005

“Anatomy of a Strike.”  Northeast Modern Language Association.  2004

“Stevie Smith: Girl, Interrupted.”  Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. 2004

“Stevie Smith.”  Fourth Annual Women and Creativity Conference.  Marquette University.  2002

“Una Marson’s Poetic Justice.”  British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference. 2002

Chair.  Women in Literature Section.  Midwest Modern Language Association. 2001

“‘A creature maimed and marr’d/ From very birth’: Depression and Despair in the Poetry of Amy Levy.”  Victorians Institute, University of South Carolina.  2000

Discussant.  Women in Literature Section.  Midwest Modern Language Association.  2000.

“‘Not too divine’: Fallen Women in the Work of Charlotte Mew.”  Midwest Modern Language Association.  1999.