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LIT 105 Poetry (3-0) 3 hrs.

Facilitates the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of poetry. Presents poetry of American, European and other literary philosophies and movements. Challenges students to develop skills in responding personally to poetry and in developing literary analyses. Reveals the link between the whole poem and particular literary qualities such as imagery, figurative language, allusion, connotation and the music of poetry, sound and rhythm. Offers a forum for exchanging ideas about poetry in guided conversation and writing. IAI H3 903 IAI EGL 915

LIT 110 Drama (3-0) 3 hrs.

Presents a survey of drama from various countries and eras. The course will include representative selections from such modes as tragedy, comedy, melodrama, romance, satire and social commentary as well as absurdist drama. The selections would include such authors as Ibsen, Miller, Moliere and Shakespeare. (See SPE 111 for theatrical study of drama.) IAI H3 902 IAI EGL 916

LIT 112 Literature and Film (3-0) 3 hrs.

Introduces methods of reading, interpreting and analyzing literary works as well as examining methods used in translating those works to the medium of film. Presents the short story, novel and the drama in conjunction with their cinematic counterparts. Relates the development of film to such schools as German expressionism, film verite, etc. Focuses on analysis of each form both on its own and in relation to the others through reading, viewing and writing. IAI F2 905

LIT 115 Fiction (3-0) 3 hrs.

Presents short stories and novels of high interest level. The selections typify authors and styles representative of major American and European literary movements and philosophies. Challenges the student to develop skills in literary analysis. Students will study characterization, narration, dialogue, plot and various other techniques of fiction. Individual sections may concentrate on particular periods, authors or topics. IAI H3 901 IAI EGL 917

LIT 206 World Literature to 1800 (3-0) 3 hrs.

Presents selected works of universal significance contributed by people and civilizations from ancient times to 1800. IAI H3 906

LIT 207 World Literature Since 1800 (3-0) 3 hrs.

Continues LIT 206. Selected works of universal significance contributed by people and civilizations from 1800 to the present. IAI H3 907

LIT 208 Non-Western Literature (3-0) 3 hrs.

Studies selected works from non-western civilizations, such as Africa, China, India, Japan and the Middle East. Fiction, poetry and drama will be included. IAI H3 908N IAI EGL 919

LIT 210 Introduction to Shakespeare (3-0) 3 hrs.

Introduces Shakespeare's acting company, theater and audience. Discusses his techniques in building scenes, developing characters, handling dialogue. Readings and interpretations will consist of representative comedies, tragedies, histories and problem plays. IAI H3 905

LIT 216 Science Fiction (3-0) 3 hrs.

Surveys science fiction short stories and novels. Considers science fiction as popular literature and assesses its unique contribution to the history of ideas.

LIT 217 Detective and Mystery Fiction (3-0) 3 hrs.

Presents detective and mystery fiction from its beginning to the present. Includes long and short works representing the various types of mystery fiction. Examines the literature's contributions to, and influences upon, contemporary popular fiction.

LIT 219 Children's Literature (3-0) 3 hrs.

Introduces the various types of children's literature. Includes the history of children's literature, as well as the classic and current authors and illustrators. Covers such areas as picture and concept books, myths, poetry, fantasy and realism.

LIT 221 American Literature--Colonial Days to Civil War (3-0) 3 hrs.

Presents American literature as an expression of American life through early social and political documents, novels, short stories and poems. IAI H3 914 IAI EGL 911

LIT 222 American Literature--The Civil War to Present (3-0) 3 hrs.

Explores American prose, drama and poetry, Civil War to present, including minority literature, regional literature, literary journalism, criticism, and social and historical novels in their historical, social and cultural context to reflect current controversies and social changes. IAI H3 915 IAI EGL 912

LIT 223 Minority Literature in America (3-0) 3 hrs.

Investigates what it means to be a minority in the United States. Examines the ways in which minority writers, through fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama, question the quality of American life and the authenticity of American democracy, thus helping students appreciate more fully the range of American cultures and subcultures. May include such writers as Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, Amiri Baraka, Rudolfo Anaya, Leslie Marmom Silko, Toni Morrison, Rita Dove, Leslea Newman, Li-Young Lee, Vassar Miller, Vivienne Finch. IAI H3 910D IAI EGL 918

LIT 224 Women in Literature (3-0) 3 hrs.

Examines the evolving portrayal of women--the many images, impressions and stereotypes--in literature. Includes literature written about women by women. Selections reflect a diversity of cultures, eras, authors and genres. The student will read selections from such authors as Bronte, Chekhov, Chopin, Hardy, Morrison and Woolf. IAI H3 911D

LIT 231 English Literature to 1800 (3-0) 3 hrs.

Surveys English writers from beginning English literature to 1800. Reading and interpretation of writers such as Boswell, Chaucer, Congreve, Donne, Dryden, Johnson, Jonson, Malory, Milton, Pope and Swift. IAI H3 912 IAI EGL 913

LIT 232 English Literature 1800-1914 (3-0) 3 hrs.

Surveys English writers from Romantic Period to World War I. Reading and interpretation of such writers as Austen, Browning, Byron, Conrad, Dickens, Hardy, Keats, Shaw, Tennyson and Wordsworth. IAI H3 913 IAI EGL 914

LIT 241 20th Century British and American Literature (3-0) 3 hrs.

Surveys important writers and writings in British and American literature since World War I.