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Funded by Student Activities, Point of View is the Harper student literary-art magazine. Two students, who each manage one aspect of the book's production, edit the magazine. The literary editor engages a team of judges, directs them to choose the literary text, then prepares it for publication by editing and proofreading. The art editor also gathers a team of judges to select art work to be published. Then, s/he designs and pastes up the final book.

There are three cash awards of $100 each, which are now funded by the Harper College Foundation. The first of these, the Vivian Stewart Award for writing, is given in memory of an original Harper College public relations employee. The winner is chosen by the literary editor and judges. Another literary prize, the Point of View Award, is selected by an English faculty committee. The original grant for the award came from a gift given by the late Speech and Drama Professor, Robert Tysl. The Ray Mills Award for excellence in art it selected by the art editor and judges in honor of the late Harper board member who studied art at Harper for many years.