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Courses in Graphic Arts Technology can be taken as part of a degree or certificate program, as well as individually to enhance your skills in a specific area. Additional information on these options is provided here.


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Graphic Arts Technology Course Outlines
GRA 101 Introduction to Graphic Arts Technology GRA 202 Advanced Color Management
GRA 102 Graphic Arts Desktop Publishing GRA 211 Project Management, Scheduling & Estimating
GRA 103 Digital Imaging I GRA 213 Packaging, Finishing and Distribution Processes
GRA 105 Color Management I GRA 214 Digital Illustration II
GRA 111 Press Operations GRA 220 Graphic Design II
GRA 112 Digital Illustration I GRA 221 Graphic Portfolio Design
GRA 113 Digital Imaging II GRA 222 Package Design
GRA 120 Graphic Design I GRA 229 Page Layout
GRA 130 Introduction to Photography GRA 230 Prepress Production
GRA 131 Digital Photography I GRA 231 Variable Data Technologies
GRA 145 WordPress and Mobile Technologies GRA 232 Digital Photography II
  GRA 299 Digital Photography Capstone