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Keys to Success

• Artistic and Technical Requirements

Interior designers must know how to plan a space and how to present that plan visually so that it can be communicated to the client. Interior designers must also know about the materials and products that will be used to create and furnish the space, and how texture, color, lighting and other factors combine and interact to make a space. In addition, interior designers must understand the structural requirements of their plans, the health and safety issues, building codes, and many other technical aspects.

• Interpersonal Communications

Interior designers must be comfortable meeting and dealing with many kinds of people. They must communicate clearly and effectively, as well as be attentive listeners. Because they often must work with architects, contractors and other service providers, interior designers need to be both good team leaders and good team players. They must be willing to negotiate and mediate when necessary to solve problems.

• Management Strategies

Interior designers must have excellent time and project management abilities since they frequently work on more than one project at a time under demanding deadlines. Interior designers must understand business planning, and they need to know how to sell their ideas to clients, create informative and persuasive proposals and presentations, and maintain good client relationships.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself…

  • Do I enjoy working with and for people?
  • Am I passionate about design?
  • Am I self-motivated and self-directed?
  • How committed am I to the intensity and cost for this course of study?
  • If necessary, will I be able to work outside of a nine-to-five schedule?
  • Are there any specialties that I would like to pursue?