The mission of the Office of International Education at Harper College is to develop international awareness through collaborative programs that enhance knowledge of global dynamics, cultural diversity, and world issues for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.

The Office of International Education serves as a resource to the college and surrounding communities to celebrate the many contributions of the world's cultures and traditions, and will foster the continuing global education of its citizenry.

Furthermore, we are committed to educating students for leadership in an increasingly complex global society. To that end, the Office of International Education strives to offer global education opportunities that provide students with the following:

    --a curriculum that ensures that all of our students will be able to succeed in a world marked by interdependence, diversity, and rapid change,

    --the knowledge and understanding of culture, language, geography, and global perspectives,

    --the skills to understand the world through the eyes of others and how their actions can affect and be affected by people throughout the world.


Inclusion Statement:

The Office of International Education, its faculty and staff, acknowledges that there is a great deal of anxiety, uncertainty, and even fear among some members of the Harper College community. We wish to wholeheartedly reaffirm our pride in and commitment to the diversity of our campus community. We are a welcoming community which embraces and celebrates the wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of our students, faculty, and staff. Diversity is central to our identity and mission. The Office of International Education is steadfastly committed to supporting and protecting all members of our community from any acts that dishonor the values of inclusivity, openness, and diversity that we cherish and hold dear.



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The Office of International Education is committed to being an inclusive, respectful, and equitable educational community for students of all genders, sexualities, abilities, ages, socioeconomic classes, nationalities and ancestries, immigration statuses, races, ethnicities, military histories, and religious and cultural identities. Participating students, faculty, and staff are expected to do their part to uphold this commitment so as to ensure that the program remains accessible to all involved.


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