Today, Information Technology (IT) is one of the most critical tools in higher education; leading institutions of higher education of the future will be those that have an exemplary IT infrastructure, embrace IT services and provide the necessary funding mechanism to remain abreast of the ever changing technology landscape.

The IT Vision for Harper

All members of the Harper community will have access to a first-class information technology infrastructure consisting of the tools, services and support that will enable them to be the most effective they can be.

The Information Technology organization supports Harper's mission by providing technological tools and support that permits the academic and administrative areas to deliver integrated services for students and faculty to participate and collaborate in the learning experience. The Information Technology organization provides technological tools that emphasize and support the College, through the integration of audio, video and data in the application of Telecommunications, Networking, Computing, and Information Technologies.

IT provides services across the college campuses to students, faculty and administrators, including 5 open computer labs for students, almost 2000 computers for instructional use and over 100 network access points.