Information Technology

IT responsibilities to the College community are aligned into three areas: Technical Services, Enterprise Systems and Client Services.

Systems and services include:

Technical Services

  • The Harper College Computing Network (HCCN) that interconnects all student, lab, and administrative systems providing both voice and data communications within the main campus with connections to remote sites including external Internet connectivity.
  • Shared and dedicated system servers supporting basic desktop computing services such as file and print, e-mail, and calendaring.
  • Desktop and printing device installation, refresh and repair.
  • Administrative system servers providing database and application support for key systems such as Student Information Systems and E-business Suite as well as Academic applications.
  • Production support services providing system monitoring, off-hour job scheduling and processing and off-site data protection.

Enterprise Systems

  • Design, development and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like the student information system and the HR, finance and payroll systems.
  • Design, development and support of other enterprise-wide systems, web pages, application interfaces and data management systems.
  • Manage and coordinate efforts across campus to increase productivity, quality and reliability of work by introducing best-in-class technologies and processes.

Client Services

  • Provide client front line technology support from acquisition and asset control to the usage support needed in the college community.
  • Provide support to the labs, offices, classrooms, the planning of media events, and the usage of media-rich/SMART rooms.
  • Provide formal training and one on one training.
  • Provide the employee and student Service Desks.