Fashion Through the Decades

The Archivist would like to thank the following people:


Cheryl Turnauer and Franca Deflorio for donating the records of the Fashion Department to the archives and providing so much incredible background information about the program's history.


Wanda Cobar, Christina Draper, Reveca Torres, and Frieda Anderson, who graciously allowed me to interview them about their experiences in the fashion program.


Zaray Buenrostro for picking out several garments and video clips for this exhibit.


David Sullivan, who quickly and efficiently scanned materials so that this project could be finished on time.


Jessica Mandra for uploading the video files to Harper College's Youtube channel.


Matt Nelson, who designed the "Fashion Through the Decades" banner.


And last, but not least, K. C. Babb for helping me navigate the difficult terrain of web design to make this exhibit look clean and consistent.