Link to Access Science articles in Blackboard

  1. Go to the Library website:
  2. Click on: Articles & More
  3. Select Access Science from the list
  4. Perform a simple keyword search, topic search or an advanced search to find encyclopedia articles and research updates.
  5. Review results.

    Choose an article to post in Blackboard. 
  6. Go to Blackboard. Find the appropriate place to paste the link. Select "Build Content" and click "URL" from the drop down list.
  7. Cut and paste the link from the address bar into Blackboard. (You're not done yet!)
  8. You must also paste the remote access proxy link in front of the Access Science link above.
  9. Remote access proxy link:

    For example:

  10. Type the article title into the "Name" field. Paste the URL you just constructed into the URL field.
  11. Provide the full article citation, abstract and/or directions for your students in the text box.
  12. Select "Open in New Window" so that the resource opens outside of the Blackboard template. Click "Submit" when finished.