Link to EBSCOhost journal articles in Blackboard

  1. Go to the Library website:
  2. Click on: Articles & More
  3. Click on EBSCOhost databases
  4. Choose one or more databases based on your discipline, then click on "Continue".
  5. Perform an Advanced Search. Enter search terms. Check the "full text box".
  6. Sort your results by "Relevance" or "Date Decending".
  7. Use the subject terms from a good article to refine your search.
  8. Find the article you want to use and click on the blue hyperlinked title.
  9. Look in the column on the right hand side of your screen for the "permalink". Click "Permalink" and copy the link that appears at the top of the article title.
  10. Go to Blackboard. Find the appropriate place to paste the link. Select "Build Content" and click "URL" from the drop down list.
  11. Type the article title into the "Name" field. Paste the permalink into the URL field.
  12. Provide the full article citation, abstract and/or directions for your students in the text box.
  13. Select "Open in New Window" so that the resource opens outside of the Blackboard template. Click "Submit" when finished.