Collection Development


The librarians at Harper College work proactively to build a strong collection of core materials that meet your teaching and research needs and support the needs of the students and the community. The library's collection is always evolving with approximately 5,000 new acquisitions each year and many withdrawals. The book collection stands 110,000 volumes strong, with additional access to over 20,000 journal subscriptions online and approximately 300 journal subscriptions in print.

As Harper College teaching faculty, you play a vital role in purchasing supplemental materials to support the curriculum you teach. Your expertise and awareness of pertinent topics, leading scholars and department goals is key to developing a robust collection that serves our students. Together the librarians and teaching faculty work toward a common goal of successful student learning and support for faculty research.

For your convenience, this section supplies links to the our Online Ordering Form, publishers websites, trial databases, and the divisional library liaisons. Your division's faculty liaison is available to assist you in the ordering process.


Collection Development


Kim Fournier




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The acquisition, management and maintenance of the Library's collection is a primary function of the library's mission to "provide resources that best support and enhance the institutional mission of William Rainey Harper College. The goal of the Collection Development department is to ensure that collection development activities are attuned to that mission.