Collection News

CARLI / I-Share

The library recently joined a consortium of 65 academic libraries in Illinois. This service allows you to initiate loans from other libraries using your Harper ID card. When searching the online catalog, you will notice the phrase, "Repeat search in the I-Share catalog." Click on that link to view and request holdings from across the state.

The End of LCSH?

There is currently a debate in libraries surrounding the elimination of Library of Congress Subject Headings in favor of free text or keyword searching. The discussion contemplates the benefits of automated indexing, using the table of contents, versus the manual creation, assignment and entry of subject headings. For catalogers, their work is structured around controlled vocabularies, cross-references and call numbers - which the entire library depends on. As you might image this debate is a heated one.

The Calhoun Report

The main thrust of this report notes that users are bypassing the library catalog in favor of other electronic tools (5). For this, Calhoun claims that the catalog is in decline, and something must be done. She says that we need to "define a strategic future for library catalogs [or we] place in jeopardy the legacy of the world's library collections." In her report, gathered from research and interviews, she is able to compile responses and offer plans for revitalizing library catalogs so libraries can remain relevant.

Google Book Search

Search the full text of books to find ones that interest you and learn where to buy or borrow them.

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Perform a search in Google Book Search

Google Library Project

An attempt to make an enhanced card catalog of the world's books.

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OCLC Open WorldCat

Promises that search engines will link users to local library catalogs, promoting the use of OCLC member library collections.

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