Citing Sources: APA Multimedia Sources
(5th Edition)

Below are examples of 5th Edition APA citations that are most commonly used by students at Harper College. The style you should use is usually determined by the discipline or course in which you are working.

Audio (Podcast)

Writer or producer. (Dated produced or posted). Title [identifying information]. Title of the Web site or name of organization’s Web site where podcast is located. Podcast retrieved from URL

AHRQ (Producer). (2008, December 18). Care transitions: What you need to know [Audio feature]. Healthcare 411 News Series from AHRQ. Podcast retrieved from

APA Style Guide to Electronic References p. 22


Author or Artist if available. (Year image was created). Title of work [Type of Work]. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL of Web page or site.

Netter, F. (2005). Heart [Electronic illustration]. Retrieved March 10, 2008, from

APA Manual p. 223-224, 266-271

Images (No Author, No Title, No Date)

[Subject and type of work]. Retrieved Month Day, Year, from URL of Web page or site.

[Untitled image of a chest X-ray]. Retrieved March 5, 2008, from

APA Manual p. 266

Online Video (YouTube)

Organization (Producer). (Date produced or posted). Title of video [identifying information]. Video posted to URL of Web page

Carnegie Mellon (Producer). (2008, February 6). Randy Pausch lecture: Time management [Video file]. Video posted to

APA Style Guide to Electronic References p. 24


Name of director and/or producer. (Year of release). Title of video. [Format] City: Name of distributor.

Mansfield, M. (Director) & Lorang, T. J. (Producer). (1997). The new cosmos: Eyes on the universe. [Videotape]. Seattle, WA: UWTV.

APA Manual p. 266


Author(s)(if available). (Date of publication). Title of software. [Format]. City of publication: Publisher.

Lauer, K. (1999). Pathophysiology. [CD-ROM]. Springhouse, PA: Springhouse Corp.

APA Manual p. 280