Linda M. Schumacher

Full-time instructor, Spanish
Phone: 847-925-6461
Office: L233B

Courses Taught

Spanish 101, 102, 201, 202, 205

Personal Statement

My research interests include indigenous groups of Ecuador and their languages, cultural studies, Impressionist art and French history. It was my experiences living in France, Spain and Ecuador in addition to my travels through Europe, Northern Africa, Central and South America that contributed to my particular interests in history and culture (regional accents, art, architecture, music, and dance). I have traveled in 46 countries and am often asked my favorite countries. Réunion, an oversees department of France in the Indian Ocean, is the overall most spectacular place which offers everything found in France, but on an island. Belize’s coral reef has the most unforgettable SCUBA diving I have ever done. The islands in the South Pacific have the clearest water and the most memorable shark diving. The people, landscape and culture of the Kiwis and Maoris of New Zealand are equally enticing. The natural beauty of Croatia is stunning. Ecuador offers the most amazing diversity within an area the size of Nevada. The approach to and first view of Machu Picchu in Perú is awe inspiring. The street food of Morocco and France is my favorite. My favorite museums are Bogotá, Colombia’s Museo del Oro del Banco de la República and the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, France. The people of the Czech Republic, Portugal, Ecuador and Colombia are genuinely friendly.

I believe it is important to bring my research and travel experiences into the classroom in order to explore ideas with my students and perhaps inspire them to pursue similar areas of interest. In the classroom, I try to motivate my students to celebrate their diversity and to share their experiences and culture with each other. While it is best to begin studies of additional languages as a young child it is never too late to acquire a new language with dedication and continual work. I began my studies of French at age 15 and Spanish at age 20. I credit my fabulous high school French teacher and passionate college Spanish instructors along with studying in other countries for my success. Teaching gives me the opportunity to impart my knowledge to students and to share my enthusiasm for learning and travel. Hopefully, my students will develop a desire for excellence in whatever path they choose in life. As an instructor, I realize the potential I have to influence my students. I do not take this potential lightly. I truly enjoy teaching and the chance it gives me to challenge those who want to learn and grow. I am the coordinator and director of the summer study program in Ecuador. Please contact me about opportunities to study and volunteer in Spanish and French speaking countries. I would like to help everyone have this life-changing experience.

Outside of the classroom my interests include jazz, theatre, dance, animé, gardening, diving, paragliding, reading in a hammock, photography and travel. Anything worth doing should be worth giving 100% and should be done with no regrets. My mantra is “Explore our world and expand yours.”


MA, Northern Illinois University, Spanish and Graduate endorsement in Latin American Studies

MSEd, Northern Illinois University, Education: Curriculum and Instruction

BA, Central University of Iowa, French and Theatre/Communications with a minor in Spanish

F.I.D.E.S.C.U. Diploma Internacional de Español DIE Certificado Nivel 10 – (C2) Dominio con dintinción