Registration Override Procedure

Once you have taken the Harper College World Languages Placement Exam, please follow this procedure to request an Override that will allow you to register for your class.

  • Please have your score and recommended level provided by the placement exam available.
  • Log in to the MyHarper Student Portal/Student Information System.
  • Click on the “My Registration” tab and then the “Override Request” link.
  • Follow the online prompts. When it asks for the course number, enter the course number that corresponds with your placement exam results. (You may choose any course section in your appropriate level.)
  • Next to “Request Type,” choose “Prerequisite Override.”
  • Enter your telephone number and “Reason” for override. (You may type information you wish to share with the department.)
  • Click “Continue” and finish the override request process.
  • An email will be sent to the department chairperson, who will approve or deny the request. In the event of a denial, the chairperson will contact you via phone or email.
  • Once your override request is approved, you will receive an email (sent to your Harper email) indicating that you may register for the class.