Placement and Registration

If you have prior experience with French, German, or Spanish and wish to register for a course, please use our web-based placement tool to determine which level suits you best. Students who have never had exposure to or instruction in the language should register for the 101-level courses.

Only take the online placement exam if you are a current Harper student who has previous experience in French, German or Spanish and wish to enroll in a course in that language at Harper for the first time.

The placement tool is available only for French, German, and Spanish. If you wish to take an upper-level Chinese or Japanese course, please contact the department chairperson, Kimberly Jaeger, at

Note: Placement exams are NOT proficiency exams used to obtain academic credit. See our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

There are three steps to follow to register for a French, German or Spanish course above the 101-level, if you have not taken courses in the language at Harper already:

  1. Take the Harper College World Languages Placement Exam.
  2. Apply for a Registration Override to allow you to register for your class.
  3. Once your override is approved, you may register for your course.

For reference, download the Placement and Registration Checklist

Questions? Review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.