Grants and Awards History

2009 – 2010

Matt Ensenberger - To develop the Aurora University graduate course, Course Design Review Principles.

Katherine Kniest - To attend the 2009 Annual Convention of the National Organization of Associate Degree Nursing.

Collette Marsh - To complete the graduate course, Instructional Design for Online Course Development.

Cheryl Turnauer and Pascuala Herrera - To assist in funding the project "Determining the Essential Skills for Fashion Careers"

Robert Campbell - To assist in funding the project, "Use of Instructional Portfolios for Asynchronous Delivery of Material.

Susan Bajt - To fund the presentation "Preferred Distance Learning Modalities of the Millennial Community College Student" at the League for Innovation Conference 2010.

Marianne Farinas de Leon - To partially fund the project, "Beyond Video Games and Graphic Novels: Strategies to Help Transfer Boys' Literacy Strengths from Home to the Classroom" to be presented at the Illinois Reading Council's Annual Conference.

Travaris Harris and DuBoi McCarty - To partially fund the presentation project, "Counseling and Advising At-Risk Students" at the Hawaii International Conference on Education.

Shante Bishop - To attend the conference, "A Dream Deferred: The Future of African American Education".

Leslye Hess and Mary Hood- To attend the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences Annual Meeting.

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