Creating a GED Preparation Module

Concepts: computer literacy, instructional design, learning styles, universal design for learning
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This lesson provides a process for developing your own General Education Development (GED) study skills tutorials or lesson modules. This process should take into account a diverse student population with various learning styles. Concepts covered include the instructional design process, learning styles, and how best to meet the needs of all students.

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Social Studies: The Electoral Process

Concepts: The United States Electoral Process. Developed with materials from
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This lesson provides an overview of the United States electoral process. The materials presented introduce students to party conventions, primaries and the general election, including information about the popular vote and the Electoral College. This content relates to social studies information that may be covered on the GED Exam.

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Mathematics Lesson:

Concepts: Order of operations and measures of central tendencies
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This lesson provides an overview of two common mathematical concepts... order of operations and measures of central tendency . These two concepts are introduced together to provide a student with common practices in problem solving. This content relates to mathematics and science information that may be covered on the GED Exam.

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Science Lesson:
The Atom

Concepts: The structure of an atom, atomic mass, atomic weight
Screen capture of Chemistry lesson

This lesson introduces atomic structure in chemistry. Provided is a brief introduction to atomic mass, matter, weight, chemical elements, and the use of the periodic table for determining the properties of elements. Students can interact with an atom and explore the periodic table. This content relates to science information that may be covered on the GED Exam.

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Language Arts Lesson: Subject-Verb Agreement

Concepts: Grammar, english, subject and verb agreement
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This lesson provides an introduction to singular and plural subjects and verbs. The materials in this lesson provide explantion and practice for the student to work through commmon grammar problems associated with subject and verb agreement. The content in this lesson relates to language arts and writing information that may be covered on the GED Exam.

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Additional Information
and Resources

Informational and instructional resources and tools related to this grant project.
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Provided in this section you will find additional information, resources and tools that were used and/or referenced from in the development of this project and study skill lessons. Additional URL links are provided back to these resources for those educators looking to get started developing their own GED study skill lessons.