Welcome to the International Bookshelf!

This resource page was created both for prospective students and study abroad alumni, but also for parents, faculty, and anyone curious about international education.

Here you will find academic articles, policy reports, handbooks, research summaries, best practice guides, and a variety of other open-access publications about international education, study abroad programs, service learning and internships abroad. We encourage students, faculty, parents, and the general public, to browse this page, as it showcases quantitative and qualitative studies on the value of international educational experiences, it touches upon re-integration matters after a study abroad experience, discusses competitiveness and employability and it gives tools and tips on how to quantify and market this amazing life experience for a future academic and career track.

The page will be periodically updated with new publications and links.

We hope you will find these resources useful. If you would like to give us your feedback, don’t be shy! Shoot us an email at: rjohnson@harpercollege.edu

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