Geography and GIS Careers

Useful information on career opportunities in geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • Association of American Geographers: This site provides information on the type of work geographers do, where they work, salary and trends, and job openings.

  • Industries using GIS: This website lists industries that use GIS solutions provided by the world's leading commercial GIS vendor - ESRI. These include business (banking, retail, real estate, telecommunications etc.), government (federal, state, local), non-profits etc.

  • 10 GIS Career Tips to Help Find a GIS Job: Practical suggestions for preparing yourself for opportunities in GIS.

  • 2017 URISA GIS Salary Survey: GIS job descriptions and salaries compiled and reported by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA).

  • The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse: One of the best GIS online job posting boards in the United States. Find out about current opportunities, employer expectations, and where the jobs are.

  • ESRI Careers: Jobs in various categories with ESRI. ESRI is the world's leading GIS software vendor.

  • Drone Jobs Guide: Jobs in the drone industry by