Welcome to our Photo and Video Gallery

student flying a drone
Flying a multirotor drone in GEG 162. Fall 2022.
student flying a drone
Flying a fixed wing drone in GEG 162. Fall 2022.
two men inspecting drone in hand
Faculty training with eBeeX drone. Busse Woods. Spring 2022.
group of people checking drone at a table
Preflight checks for a drone flight. GEG 161. Spring 2022.
woman with hat flying a drone over building
Fernanda Kuzuhara flies a drone during a demonstration for FIS (Fire Science) 132. Spring 2022
student flying a drone
Student and faculty in GEG 161. Spring 2021.


Department Highlights

group photo of students by the drone club table in the Avante science building
Promoting Harper's drone club. January 2023.
group photo of faculty, students and US Representative and FAA administrator
US Representative Sean Casten and FAA Administrator Rebecca MacPherson visit Harper's drone program. November 2021.
students sitting at computer desks
Study abroad to Panama. Banana plantation. Bocas del Toro. Summer 2019.
group of people in front of equator sign
Study abroad to Uganda. Equator sign post. Masaka. Spring Break 2017.
group of people looking at a beetle
Honors study abroad to Zimbabwe. Hwange National Park. Spring Break 2016.
group photo in front of a geography awareness sign
Geography Awareness Week. Mapathon Event. November 2017.